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Shawn Mendes Revels His Sex Life?!?!

New Zealand radio station asks Shawn super personal questions about his sex life.... it got real awks....

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Shawn Mendes Revels His Sex Life?!?!


While Shawn Mendes kicked off his Illuminate World Tour again in New Zealand on the 25th November, he popped into some radio stations to answer some questions and play a game...

The Edge radio station played a little game called 'Please have Mercy on me', where Shawn has to answer questions, and if not, Chang (who works at the Edge), gets shocked with the 'Fetish Fantasy Series' nipple clamps (painful, I know!). Despite their attempt, to get Shawn shirtless and wearing nipple clamps, Shawn was putting up a fight, and shut them down immediately much to our dismay, when saying "Not gonna happen". Poor Shawn was faced with super awkward and invasive questions about his love, sex, and personal life, which Shawn mainly doesn't answer, but shocks us with a few responses!

Read below to see some of the questions and Shawn's answers!

Q: Your song patience is about a hook up with an older women, what is the oldest lover you have had?

A: 25

Q: How old were you at the time?

A: 19

So basically, in the last 3 months Shawn has had a hook up with a 25 year old... awkward? I think so...

Q: Do you Manscape?

A: Uh yea, is that when you uh (Q: trim your pubes), yea yea I guess so, absolutely. I mean it would be weird if I said no, or if I said I didnt want to answer that

Does this just not scream awkward omg....

Q: When did you lose your V plate?

A: When I was 16


These were the only three questions Shawn gave definite answers to, but other questions and responses were:

Q: Who was the last celebrity you kissed?

A: (Laughs) Not gonna happen

Hmmmm...... Hailey???

Q: What noises do you make when you have sex?

A: (Laughs) I’m so sorry

Wouldn't we all like to know...

Q: What is the number of sexual partners you’ve had?

A: Not gonna happen

Q: What is your net-worth?

A: Make sure you out it on full blast here!

Although Shawn didn't answer, the radio station googled it and found he has a net-worth of $12 Million

Q: Shawn mendes who is the rudest celebrity you’ve met?

A: Um their all nice. I can’t answer this question, I’m so sorry (laughs)

Nawwww too kind Shawn.

This has to be the most awkward and invasive interview any celebrity has ever had!!! Poor Shawn!!! Despite the awkwardness, Shawn looked to be enjoying and laughing throughout the interview which makes the awkwardness seem a bit less awkward!

Click here to watch the full video!

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