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If Josh's Tweets Were Motivational Posters

All the tweets about pizza and musicals you could ever want.

oliviam41 • 2 years ago

If Julia's Tweets Were Motivational Posters

Just be glad it's not another picture of cap mac

oliviam41 • 4 years ago

14 Reasons To Be Excited For CI 2014

Your CI survival guide, brought to you by your small group leaders! Written by: Asha Bazil, Dante Fernandes and Olivia Martinez. Contributions by: Rachey Naugey and Flannah Hom

oliviam41 • 5 years ago

22 Reasons To Celebrate Jessy Being 22

Today Jessy is ~22 years old~. Here are some of her finest qualities, accomplishments, flaws, etc etc

oliviam41 • 5 years ago