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Asian-Owned Small Businesses Need Your Help More Than Ever — Here Are 11 You Can Support Right Now

Those shopping carts won't fill themselves.

1. Mama O’s Kimchi makes kimchi full of good probiotics to keep your gut healthy and spice up your meals. You can order it premade or purchase a DIY kit! It’ll include everything you need to make your own kimchi.

2. Saher's Studio explores first-gen South Asian woes through a comedic lens. You can make a fun statement with their T-shirts, balloons, and hair pins.

3. Diaspora Co. is dedicated to building a better spice trade that's fair to farmers and delicious to its consumers. They sell delicious spices that will take your cooking to the next level.

4. Trust Studios explores Asian American life through streetwear. They describe each item's importance to Asian American culture on their site, so you can rep your new shirt and know the story behind it.

5. Nguyen Coffee Supply partners directly with a fourth-generation farmer who owns and operates his family farm in Vietnam. You can feel good about where your coffee comes from while getting your caffeine fix.

6. Wing On Wo & Co. is the oldest store in New York’s Chinatown and creates the most beautiful porcelain goods. They also give back to the NY Chinatown community through their W.O.W. Project. Their mission is to create space for conversations to happen across language barriers and generational gaps to ensure the future of art, community, and activism in Chinatown.

7. Sannuki creates streetwear that nods to Pakistani heritage. Their items are well made (hello embroidered hoodie!) and cute as heck.

8. The Wok Shop is a San Francisco Chinatown staple. They've been selling woks and other cooking supplies for more than 40 years and will help you have a better-stocked kitchen.

9. Other Publishing is a trans graphic design collective based in Richmond, Virginia. They celebrate queer life within the Asian community and create the most beautiful zines.

10. Franca is a multicultural design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. The team's diverse cultural backgrounds serve as inspiration to create their playful and modern pieces.

11. Rooted NYC believes in the positive mental, emotional, and physical health benefits associated with having greenery in your home. You can find plants, planters/supplies, and adorable merch on their site.

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