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    Your Period As Seen Through Leslie Knope

    "I am a goddess, a glorious, female warrior!"

    You start the week off with all the confidence in the world.

    You're so hecking ready.

    Day one arrives and you're still looking fierce.

    All of a sudden, you feel a bit...Off.

    Those cramps creep up only to remind you of your monthly visitor who has been hanging around every month since you turned 12.

    And then it hits. Hard.

    You try and stay positive.

    But you just can't.

    You tell your best friend in great detail how "this is your worst one ever" and instantly regret it.

    You're "friend" claims that exercise will help the pain, but you both know you don't partake in such grotesque activities. Thus, you find an alternative.

    Your tastebuds get all weird.

    And every time you go to the bathroom you are still shook.

    For real though. You've been through this for so long and yet things still surprise you.

    At this point in your cycle, you're feeling...

    And the ONLY way you feel as though you can continue on living is through food.

    For real though, this feels like a monthly death sentence.

    Slowly, it all begins to settle down.

    And then, just like magic, it's gone.