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Why "The Next Food Network Star" Is The Best Show On The Food Network

It's got a little bit of everything.

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2. It is basically the food version of "Project Runway"

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Will they create their dish in time? Will it be cooked perfectly? Will they bomb their presentation?

*In Tim Gunn voice* "Chefs, you've got one hour! Make it work!"

3. It is also the food version of "The Bachelor"


You get the chance to pick your favorite and pray that they make it another week. It's a pretty emotional process. Also, there is tons of drama. Viewers see interviews with the cast, where chefs give sassy comments.

4. It is the food version of "American Idol"


They have to perform on camera, and viewers get to vote during the last week. They also have Star Salvation: a separate competition for those who were kicked off early on. So it's pretty similar to the save on "American Idol." Pictured above is a contestant, Matthew, who got kicked off pretty early on.

5. It is one of the most quotable reality/competition/food shows

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Here are some quotes from this season:

"My divorce was way prettier than what's happening right now." - Emilia

"I can barely say my name in 30 seconds! I talk a whole lot!" - Sita

Everything that Arnold says is funny.

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