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This Guy Makes Mesmerizing Pancake Art And You Need To See It

You're welcome.

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This is Dr. Dan.

Instagram: @drdancake

Dr. Dan is a pancake doctor/ pancake artist from Saint Louis.

He's just your typical guy except he's WAY cooler.


Here are examples of some casual pancakes he made for Disney.

Same Dan, same.

Not a Disney fan? That's fine. Here is a mesmerizing video of your favorite Pixar pals.

You can't even make a plain pancake without burning it, but Dan can make a damn fox.

Too cheap to buy your bae flowers this Valentine's Day? That's okay, just show them this.

Sad it's no longer appropriate to watch Elf twice a day?

Instagram: @drdancake

Us too, but this helps.

When I die, I want pancakes of my face at my funeral.

Thank you Dan! You're making breakfast even better, which, TBH, we didn't think was possible.
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