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One Edible Reason You Should Visit Boston

Click and you'll have the best meal of your life.

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J&M Diner is the best place to get food in Boston.

Located in a suburb of Boston, J&M diner is not just an amazing meal, but an experience. The help is kind and they treat you like you are part of their family. The J and the M stand for the owner's two daughters. If you don't go to J&M while in Boston, I don't know what you're doing here. If you don't believe me, believe these pictures.

*WARNING* their hollandaise sauce is so popular that they run out and can't promise it is available


"We make our own Hollandaise sauce from scratch, (egg yolks, butter and lots of lemon). It’s a popular dish, which sells out early, so we are unable to offer the sauce sold separately or extra sauce on weekends or holidays." - J&M Diner

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