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Jake Miller's New EP, "Rumors," Dropped Last Night, And It's Amazing.

These 5 songs are going to be your new jams. Get yourself mentally ready for track 5.

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1. "Rumors"

Via Twitter: @jakemiller

This track makes you want to dance. It's very catchy and is going to make for a great performance on his tour, which starts today! And, like, I wouldn't be opposed to starting some rumors with Jake.

2. "Shake It"


It's definitely more mature than most of his older songs, but it's still FANTASTIC. "Shake It" makes you want to dance and is also going to be a great song to see him sing on his Dazed and Confused tour.

3. "Selfish Girls"


It starts off with an acoustic guitar and highlights his singing ability while at the same time his rapping. He gets out some angst on this track. Good job with this one, Jake! And really: any track that he laughs on...sweet lord.

5. "Sunshine"

Via Twitter: @jakemiller

Definitely a tear jerker. This song is about his friend who passed away this past year. It is very touching, and you can understand and feel how Jake was feeling. Sunshine was his friend's nickname, as he states in the song. Style wise, this song is similar sounding to some of Jake's older songs.

Here's the link to Dylan "Sunshine's" page:

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