If "Gilmore Girls" Characters Were Dogs

    If only dogs could drink coffee.

    Lorelai Gilmore — Golden Retriever

    Lorelai is one of the most loyal friends a person could ask for. She can be funny, outgoing, and hyper, but she has a clam side. Lorelai would obviously make a fantastic golden retriever.

    Rory Gilmore — Black Lab

    Rory can be sweet and innocent, but she is also extremely bright. She is a quick learner, just like a Black Lab, and is very empathetic. 10/10 would cuddle.

    Emily Gilmore — Poodle

    Emily Gilmore makes her presence known to those around her. She is an alpha-female and enjoys ruling over others. Style is quite important to her, which is why the poodle is a perfect pooch to represent her.

    Richard Gilmore — St. Bernard

    He can be an intimidating man, but he means well. He can be sweet, like with his mother, or stern like with Lorelai. A St. Bernard is just the dog that describes his personality to a T.

    Lane Kim — French Bulldog

    Lane likes to dance to the beat of her own drum, just like this little Frenchie.

    Dean Forester — Collie

    Collies, just like Dean, are extremely loyal. Except Collies aren't as annoying as Dean. They aren't even annoying at all.

    Jess — Border Collie

    There isn't any real reason behind this... but they kinda look alike, right? 👀

    Luke Danes — Boxer

    Luke is a secret softie, just like a boxer. He protects those who he cares about, which is exactly what a Boxer does.

    Max Medina — Puggle

    They both just always have a concerned look on their face most of the time. You know?

    Christopher Hayden — Havapoo

    Chris knows how to push buttons. He is sweet when it's beneficial for him. He is a father when he has some extra time on his hands. This little Havapoo looks harmless, like Christopher, but just like everyone, there is a dark side to that cuddly blob.

    Logan Huntzberger — Longhaired Weimaraner

    They are both beautiful specimens who enjoy the finer things in life.

    Sookie St. James — Chesapeake Bay Retriever

    They are both very high-energy and may take a while to learn certain skills. For example, Sookie has a difficult time not accidentally killing herself in the kitchen.

    And Jackson Belleville — Bulldog

    These two look like tough guys, but they are really just adorable softies. Just as Jackson will do anything for Sookie, a Bulldog will do anything for its owner.

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