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I Went On A Road Trip With My Dad And It Was An Amazing Bonding Experience

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This weekend, I drove hundreds of miles with my dad. On this trip I decided where I am going to spend the next four years of my life.

Olivia Gaynor

I know, pretty crazy. My dad was excited too.

Honestly, the college process is not easy. It takes up a huge portion of your high school career and your social life. But finding the perfect fit is really important.

Olivia Gaynor

I traveled hundreds of miles with my dad to get to my new home. Although I don't always see eye to eye with my dad, I thought it was important to be positive throughout the whole trip. I really wanted it to be special for him as well. I decided to have as much fun as possible and I decided to vlog about it.

I take you through our drive together:

More of our drive together:

Our hysterical rants:

Olivia Gaynor

Pro bonding tip right here.

Our meals:

Olivia Gaynor

And of course our visit:

Olivia Gaynor

As much fun as I had vlogging the trip, I learned a ton.

I not only learned about myself but I learned about my dad. I appreciated the little moments we had together that I won't get next year. We are very different people, but we were still able to bond over something extremely special. I think you can always find that special moment in anything and everything you do.

Here is the whole vlog:

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XOXO, enjoy!

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