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Bailee Madison's Campaign, I Am More Than A Word, Is Hella Inspiring


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The amazing actress and role model, Bailee Madison, has started a campaign completely about self-love. And it's freaking awesome.


Yeah, we were pretty happy too.

She talks about all of the different words she has been called.

UM, what? Bailee is flawless. Don't you dare.
Via Facebook: HuffingtonPost

UM, what? Bailee is flawless. Don't you dare.

She even talks about words that were too horrible to say...

What a good egg.
Via Facebook: HuffingtonPost

What a good egg.

She highlights typical stereotypes that normal girls deal with every single day.

So, Bailee decided to write a Tumblr post and realized there was a whole community of people struggling with the same hurtful words.

What could possibly be the silver lining to all of these hurtful words? Well, Bailee didn't want those words to get her, or others down, so she created a self-love campaign titled: #IAmMoreThanAWord

Here are some of the inspiring results:

#Iammorethanaword I am HUMAN and I am ME !! Love who you are ❤️ @BaileeMadison

@BaileeMadison #IAmMoreThanAWord #labelsareforclothes Your such an inspiration ❤️

Always love yourself. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn't know you. #IAmMoreThanAWord @BaileeMadison

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