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7 Reasons Why You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Napping

It's so great, yet so awful.

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1. You love napping because you are giving into your tired self

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Treat yourself!

2. You love napping because you get all squished in a cute position and look adorable

3. You love napping because you can do it almost anywhere


Anywhere is a bed when you're tired.


4. You hate napping because you wake up all groggy


Waking up isn't always so pretty.

5. You hate napping because your face hurts but you're not sure why


Your whole body has that pins and needles feeling going on.

6. You hate napping because once you wake up you just want to go back so sleep


It is a serious struggle.

7. You love it/hate it because it is the hardest and easiest thing to do in the whole world


Napping is just confusing.

Keep napping! Or don't!

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