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25 Hot Farmers Who Will Make Your Day Much Better

Idaho, here I come!

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1. This guy is rockin' that hat

2. Just a man and his goat

3. Corn has never looked so appealing


5. Nature is starting to look somewhat desirable

6. AWESOME cut-offs


8. Go America

9. That is happy patch of wheat

10. Fishing at a swamp just became fun

11. That is one lucky bale

12. Just a boy and his trusty steed

13. Cuties

14. Tractor time

Rick Rowell / ABC / Via

15. Hmmmm

16. That's a nice truck

17. YUM

18. Where is this farm?

19. Making the world want to learn how to drive a tractor

20. Tractors are really starting to grow on me

21. Still growing...

22. ...And grown

23. Hay there buddy

24. Why would you ever button up a flannel?

25. Literally just packed up my house and I'm ready to move to a farm

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