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21 Tweets All Dogless Dog Lovers Can Relate To

"Who let the dogs out!?" Well, it wasn't you because you don't have one.

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1. You've pretended that a stuffed dog was a real one.

Love it when my dog welcomes me home like this. Can't wait until I get a real one #dogless #puppy…

If you say you didn't, you're lying.

2. You look for any opportunity to spend time with furry friends.

The owner just picked up the dogs I was dog sitting and now my heart is sad. #dogless

3. Just looking at their adorable little faces makes you swoon.

OMG just found a doggy park.. I know where my future lunch breaks will be everyday😍 #dogless

4. Or maybe looking at them makes things worse.

Following bulldogstuff on Insta either makes me really happy or sends me into a spiraling depression 😩 #dogless

5. You've asked for donations.

If you guys could do me a solid and give me all of your puppies, that'd be swell. #HappyNationalDogDay #dogless

6. You have definitely thought about starting a GoFundMe page.

No sleep again tonight, why?! no snapchattin quotes but about cats & dogs. I need 750$ for a corgi. help ya guh out. #dogless #nocuddles

7. You are pretty scarred from your lack of dog experience.

How many national dog days are there in a year? #dogless #bitter #thanksmomanddad

8. You've tried to fit in with the dog crowd...

Happy #NationalDogDay from Oreo the guinea pig. #Dogless

9. Like all the time.

Here's to another year where I won't be celebrating #NationalDogDay 😢. Here's a picture of my pretend dog. #DogLess

10. You've tried to cope with you lack of a furry pal with humor.

National dog day with my dog! Oh wait... #imanartist #dogless

11. You've found ways to hide the sadness.

And basically I'm celebrating "national glass of wine day" because I'm upset I couldn't celebrate "national dog day" #dogless

*Please drink responsibly*

12. At times, you've taken not having a dog waaaaaaaaay too far.

not having a dog on national dog day is a billion times worse than being alone on valentines day #dogless

13. But it's been for a good reason. Who wants to actually clean up their own mess?

We are slowly coming to terms with the concept that when you drop food on the floor, you have to pick it up yourself. #dogless

A dog is like a soft, cuddly, Roomba.

14. The weatherman has brought you to tears.

The weatherman just told me to go outside and walk my dog. 😭 #dogless

15. You have unreal expectations for how your imaginary dog will act.

Haha #adorable get me one now #dogless 😭

Because he probably won't get dressed up in a tux and cook for you because, paws.

16. You have felt so lonely, only a dog could fix it all.

Pfft who needs people when you have a dog.. Oh wait #dogless

17. You truly believe that getting a dog will change the way you feel about almost everything.

Hiking will never be amazing until I have a pup to bring with me :( #dogless #Iwantapuppy

Hiking will never be amazing. Never.

18. You've tried to fill that empty dog shaped hole in your heart with other animals.

I wanna take my cats on a walk. #dogless

It's not the same...

19. You've pictured a future holiday card with your dog dressed in festive attire.

I wish I had a little dog that I could dress up in all these holiday outfits and take pictures of!! 😞🐶 #dogless

20. You have planned out, in detail, a future with your dog but have yet to pay your cell phone bill.

All I want for Christmas is a chocolate lab puppy. Its name will be Tucker and I already love him. #dogless #puppylove

Priorities, am I right?

21. You're still really bitter about your dogless childhood.

When I was in elementary...My mom told me that if I fed my giga pet for a month I could get a dog... It died... #dogless #90sgirlproblems

Don't give up hope! One day you won't be dogless.

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