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21 Ben Higgin's Tweets Circa 2011 To Help Get You Through The Day

"Who has meal points?!"

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1. When he gave this amazing weather report

Sugarland stage collapses on Indianapolis tonight due to high winds....

2. And just in case you didn't believe his previous tweet...

Stage collapses caught on video:

3. When he admitted his TV guilty pleasure

Erin Andrews is beautiful, and yes I am watching Regis and Kelly. #erinandrews

Too bad it wasn't The Bachelor.

4. When he could not have been more of an adorable small town boy

Back watching friday night lights in Warsaw. #missingthisrealbad

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose!

5. When he proved his politeness

6. When he knew what good music was all about

Very impressed with the pianist at wright food court right now, but he is so good I am falling asleep

*Insert snore here*

7. When he just understood the grind

Difference between freshman and senior year....I am not at all excited for first day of #class

8. When he live tweeted the biggest event of the 21st century

Two girls behind me at Starbucks talking about how they have struggled with "uncontrollable gas" this week....Don't know I can hear

9. When he understood internet safety

Craiglisting a new roommate because @Vj3_217 is considering not hanging out with a friend so he can watch jersey shore....#priorities

10. When he accomplished his wild and crazy dreams

Front row in class, I can successfully check this off my bucketlist

11. When he made you say, "What...?"

Soo in my health class the prize of the day for participating is chocolate flavored condoms on a necklace. #iubb

12. When he was super qualified to write IMDB movie summaries

Rain Man is a great movie, awesome story of a change of heart and a finding of pure love.

13. When he once again reviewed movies in 140 characters or less

50/50 is a great movie, emotional, gripping, and uplifting all in one big 2 hour gift

It is a really great movie though.

14. Oh, here he goes again

unbelievable, after 6 seasons of dexter ending without a cliff hanger they decide to start tonight. Great season, threatening plot,

Another one!

15. When he really knew how to taunt his classmates

Who has meal points?....I do. Jealous?

16. When he said the words "hipster swag"

Rocking it at #rootcellar! Who says I don't have hipster swag?

17. When he was just too damn mature

Tryin to study and a group of high school girls come in on a tour and start playing some hand slapping game.... I dont miss high school

High school was so four years ago...

18. When he could have easily said this on The Bachelor

On a constant search to find whats real and whats true

19. When he appreciated his family

Family videos of my great grandparents , old memories, more to come, the time moves quick when your having fun! #greatfamily

20. When he made you want to say "PREACH!"

Nothing wrong with a low key relaxing Sunday night

21. When his band of choice was somewhat questionable

More like Beyoncé to IU.

Don't worry, Ben! We still love you!

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