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    19 Times Val Weisler's Instagram Proved She Was The Chillest Teen CEO In The Game

    Because she deserves some VALidation.

    1. When she caught up on some light reading.

    2. When Val was causally appointed as the U.S Department of State's newest ambassador.

    3. When she was Leslie Knope both for Halloween and in her daily life.

    4. When she celebrated being her true, authentic self.

    5. When she gave a TEDx talk about anti-bullying and the power of being there for others.

    6. When Val shared her prom diet secrets.

    7. When she made a real quick appearance on national television.

    8. When she too enjoyed a classic brunch.

    9. When she talked about important things while still keeping her Parks & Rec references on point.

    10. When she gracefully shut down all of the haters.

    11. When she casually hung out with YouTube God, Tyler Oakley.

    12. When her entire family was hella into Pride Day.

    13. When she related to all the Jews out there.

    14. When she threw it back to the good old days.

    15. And of course when Justin Timberlake suggested that they take a funny photo together.

    16. When Val was kind of obsessed with dogs...

    17. Like a lot.

    18. And it was adorable and amazing.

    19. Lastly, when Val made her exciting CEO life hella relatable. Let's not forget that she's 18.