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19 Dogs Who Are Having A Better National Doughnut Day Than You

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1. These two nugs who are hard at work.

Instagram: @mackthebullydog

2. This literal ball of fluff who is just so incredibly happy to be resting its puff of a head on some dang good doughnuts.

Instagram: @dogsofinstagram

3. This innocent doggo who doesn't understand what he's missing out on.

Instagram: @living_with_lokai

It's not a real doughnut.

5. This dog who is eyeing those doughnuts...hard.

Instagram: @noodlethecockapoo

6. This dachshund who is barely holding it together.

Instagram: @jenna_and_toby

Grin and bear it.

7. And PJ who decided to dress up for the occasion.

Instagram: @pj_the_havanese

8. This pup who was completely blindsided by the amazingness that is national doughnut day.

Instagram: @the

Me too, bud, me too.

9. This nugget who is no longer on speaking terms with her doughnut.

Instagram: @kellerthedoggo

10. This pal who had a doughnut inspired spa day.

Instagram: @hellonuzzle

11. This puggle who is just honored to be sitting next to these delicacies.

Instagram: @chelsey_the_puggle

As she should be.

12. This pupper who learned the reality that her doughnut toys are not edible.

Instagram: @cosychicpetboutique

13. And Silly Tilly with her adorable doughnut float.

Instagram: @sillytillypoodle

15. This LITERAL MUSH of a puppy doesn't even need a fancy doughnut to look regal.

Instagram: @kstrick15

16. And Huck who is looking like a damn STUD on this fine holiday.

Instagram: @huck_the_pup

17. A shot of Rosie enjoying her sweet treat.

Instagram: @therufflifeofrosie

18. These brothers who could not have more different reactions to this glorious day.

Instagram: @amandarayewendel

19. Lastly, this nug who sports his doughnut as a hat.

Instagram: @pugfashions
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