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16 Times You Wished Shannon Purser Was Your Bestie

Barb forever.

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1. When she looked on the bright side of a severely depressing situation.

I feel so united with all you people quoting spongebob. Trump can't take this from us!

2. When she was a strong, independent woman, and she didn't need no pain.

I'm too weak for high heels. I've been denying it for so long, but it's just true. I'm wearing flats tomorrow and I'm unashamed #sagawards

3. When she said adorable things like this.

I am a small cactus in a big cactus world and I hope I make you proud.

4. When she shut down all her haters.

lol y'all can call me ugly and fat as much as you want. I've got the job of my dreams and the best people in the world who love me 💜

Bye, Felicia.

5. When she was a germaphobic and you felt it on every level.

person I'm stalking: *sneezes* Me: *under the bed* bless you

6. Honestly, just wow.

Yeah, The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird are groundbreaking, but how bout Charlotte's Web making spiders likable??

7. When she tweeted this ultimate truth.

If you're so proud of your size inclusivity then why do I keep seeing the same kinds of girls in your magazines?


8. When she whole-heartedly loved her cast mates.

Me too, Noah, but look how far you've come 💜 @noah_schnapp

9. When she properly cited her sources.

Thank you Phineas and Ferb for teaching me what an aglet is.

10. And of course when she put some ignorant boy in his place.

Like I just heard some random dude say "Whoever it is, they don't like vegetables." BOY YOU WANNA GO!?

11. When she invited you over to her house.

Someone come over. We can dance like weirdos to Sia and talk about our feelings

Okay!! Be there in 10.

12. When she casually chilled with her pal Dev.

This is my "I'm trying really hard to be chill but this man is amazing and so cute and I'm so happy" face

13. When she struggled to have flawless eyebrows just like the rest of us.

RIP left eyebrow. I'm so sorry I waxed you incorrectly.

14. When she made you scream "PREACH!" at the top of your lungs.

15. For real, she is the most empathetic human being.

Today my heart goes out to everyone living with chronic illnesses. You have an unimaginable strength.

16. Lastly, when she asked the question every parent loves to receive.

"Dad, how did you know Mom was the one?"

Thanks for being our virtual pal, Shannon!

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