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16 Sarah Hyland Tweets That Will Make You Say "Me"

She is QUEEN.

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1. Average day you:

Today👏🏼 Has👏🏼Been👏🏼A👏🏼Day👏🏼

2. Diet you:

Goodbye tacos, pizza and wine.... For now 😏

We both know that's not gonna last.

3. You:

So last night I tried to workout dressed as the woman in Kanye's video at home. In front of a mirror. Best motivation to do more crunches

4. New Yorker you:

An older gentleman pulled up next to me in traffic & said Ladies shouldnt have to drive themselves. I said I'm not a lady. I'm a New Yorker.

Even if you're not from New York...

5. You:

You know what's nauseating? Spelling nauseating.

6. Really you:

7. Adorably respectable you:

It's been about 9 months since I was a health freak & @TheEmmys are in about 11 days so I guess I have to start tweeting about the gym again

8. You all of the time:

9. Also you all of the time:

10. Secret you:

Ever had to burp and sneeze at the same time? While driving? It's awkward.

11. Definitely you:

Been sitting in a chair for 4 hours. I should be less tired.

12. Clumsy you:

So my week ended with me sneezing so hard I fell down the stairs.... How's your Friday going?

13. This is adult you.

The past two days I've had ice cream for breakfast. So today I decided to adult and have oatmeal. It was a sad morning.

Yeah, we don't like adult you either.

14. This is honest you.

I want Chinese food. And all the msg.

15. Adult you:

I didn't have any coffee this morning so I decided I would eat an entire large tub of coffee ice cream...

16. You:

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