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15 Suburban Dad Coach Vines That Are Too Real

"Fun on three!"

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1. When coach had to walk the thin line between friendly and protective

Click it or ticket.

2. When coach felt the stress of being a good role model


3. When coach didn't know the meaning of pump up music

But he tried.

4. When coach had to keep the troops in line

Focus on the present.

5. When coach relived his glory days

6. When coach realized he wasn't as young as he once was

7. When softball became coach's new religion

Like speaking another language.

8. When coach was the best disciplinarian around


9. When coach never underestimated the strength of the other team

10. When coach understood that maturing was a part of life

11. When coach knew that sometimes you just have to let the players do what they want to do

Don't fight it.

12. When coach didn't want to have any miscommunications

Visuals are always helpful.

13. When coach wanted you to get aggressive

14. When he wanted you to get more aggressive

15. Lastly, when coach knew the importance of a good secret

Because the worst thing he could do would be make a scene...

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