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14 Times Being A Dog Was Better Than Being A Human

Woof, there it is. Woof, woof there it is.

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1. When they got rewarded for giving a paw


I shake peoples' hands all the time and all I get are germs.

2. When they got to lounge around all day long

The rest of us humans have jobs and obligations.

3. When they didn't have a care in the world


4. When they were adorable sleepers


Not me, I like to drool.

5. When they got many daily massages...


NO ONE just comes up to me and offers to rub my back.

6. And they didn't even have to pay for them

7. When the world was their bathroom

8. When they graduated puppy school even if they never learned to sit


Once I learned how to sit up it was right on to the next thing; no reward for me.

9. When they got to snack on their kibble all day


No one is judging them for grazing, that's for sure.

10. When they got the whole house to themselves


So, like everyday.

11. When they got a treat from the vet


That's cool. I got a copay from the doctor.

12. When they were always perfectly groomed...

13. While you looked like this

14. Lastly, when had the awesome job of bringing happiness to everyone around them

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