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14 Things You'll Understand If You're The Last Child To Leave The Nest

Honestly, you just really miss them.

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1. Being the only one home means you get all of the attention from the 'rents.


That can be REALLY good or REALLY bad.

2. A family dinner can last an entire week.


It is literally the same amount that has always been cooked, but without your siblings it just became so much more.

3. It can get super lonely.

4. You take up a lot of solo activities.


Puzzles become your jam. Also, food.

5. You realize how many inside jokes you had, but now don't make any sense to anyone besides you.


So, they become extinct.

6. For real though, you realize how much you value your siblings.


Even if you guys weren't the most emotionally sound, you knew how much you loved one another.

7. Your older siblings aren't able to drop everything and help you.


Because, well, they're hella busy with real life.

8. The house is way too quiet.

9. You see Snapchats and photos of their fun adventure while you're at home studying.


And of course you're extremely jealous.

10. Even if your sibling lives really far away, they are always there to give you advice.

11. You are always referred to as the baby even though you voted last weekend.


Alright, chill.

12. Family vacations become way more meaningful.


The older you all get, the less time you get to spend together.

13. Texting your siblings immediately if your parents said something funny.


You: "LOL. Mom just called BuzzFeed, BuzzKill."

Bro: 😂

14. Lastly, having your siblings come home is the best feeling in the world.

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