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14 Situations Only Extremely Emotional People Can Relate To

*Insert tears here*

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1. You cry when you hear a sad song.

2. You cry when you watch a puppy and a baby playing together in complete harmony.

3. You cry when you watch a YouTube video of someone hearing for the first time.


Because crying doesn't have to be sad.

4. You cry at weddings.

5. You cry when your best friend wins an award.

6. You cry when your favorite celebrity wins an award.

7. You cry when you win an award.

8. You cry when the dog adoption commercial comes on.


"In the arms of an angel..."

9. You cry when you see friends and family that you missed dearly.


10. You cry after a hard day.


Just let it out.

11. You cry during periods of transition.

12. You cry when your favorite TV show ends.


It's a bittersweet feeling.

13. You cry when you see an engagement flashmob.

14. Lastly, you cry just to cry.


Because it feels really good to let it out.

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