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14 Signs You're The Therapist Of Your Friend Group

How are you really?

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1. You know every issue that every single person in your friend group is having

2. All of your conversations are strictly confidential


Okay! I won't tell.

3. You have an original and thoughtful text for every possible situation

4. You call your friend for a personal touch and in order to give the love the matter deserves

5. You legitimately love helping out your friends


If that is what they need, they're gonna get it.

6. You will stop every single thing you are doing, even if you're halfway across the world, to help them

7. You will tell them what they need to hear


Even if it hurts a little.

8. You basically majored in love for others and minored in hugs


Don't worry, you graduated with honors in both.

9. You find yourself using cheesy motivational sayings after a while


Coach Taylor is really the only person who can get away with it though.

10. Sometimes everyone comes to you with a million different problems in one day


And it can get a bit overwhelming.

11. Honestly, sometimes you want to take a day off


Because tbh, shit can get tough.

12. You sometimes wish that someone else would step into your role

13. You probably talk to your mom about having to be the therapist of your friend group


Because she probably was one too.

14. Then you remember how much you love helping others and you start back up again

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