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13 Times Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Were Total BFF Goals


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1. When Jenna shared Angela's brussels sprouts with the world.

Hey BFF! About to make your roasted Brussels Sprouts! @AngelaKinsey #healthy #yummy

If that isn't love...

2. And when Angela made it clear who the dessert aficionado in the relationship was.

Hey @jennafischer ...I want that gooey butter cake recipe? Remember the one you made for us on set?? K. Thx. Byeeeee.

Stick to your greens, Angela.

3. When Jenna could not have been anymore excited or supportive of her BFF's new show.

So excited for your new show Lady! Haters Back Off - Netflix - this Friday Oct 14th! @AngelaKinsey @MirandaSings

4. When Angela showed the world what true best friend love is.

#nationalbestfriendday #nuffsaid 👯👊


5. When Angela went to see Jenna's new play in action.

Look who came to see my show! Miss @AngelaKinsey #bffs #SanDiego #MeteorShower

6. When Jenna knew her audience.

Thanks msjennafischer for this adorable engagement gift! Kitty wine glasses! Too cute! We love…

Angela Kinsey is more like Angela Martin than we thought!

7. When they reunited and it felt so damn good.

Reunited! We've been working in different cities for months. Finally got to see my BFF! #kidsplaydate #momschat #bff

8. When Angela threw it back to the good ol' days of The Office.

#tbt with these lovely folks... an oldie but a goodie ❤️ #theoffice msjennafischer @bjnovak

9. When Jenna was really bad at keeping birthday secrets.

I've figured out what I'm getting @AngelaKinsey for her birthday! #crazycatlady

10. When they had the most important twitter feud of 2016.

.@jennafischer now now...did you watch the tutorial on youtube?? Need me to come over? 😜

Step aside Taylor Swift and friends.

11. When they went to a paint bar together and made you extremely jealous.

Best friends on a Friday night. Wine, painting, cats on a fence. #bff #momnightout

12. When Angela asked life's most important question.

msjennafischer I'm home now you wanna go to Target? 😘 #regram

13. And Jenna had the best answer.

Best friends. Target run. @AngelaKinsey #bff #momfun #notpaidtotweet

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