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13 Times Hailee Steinfeld And Her Mysterious Boyfriend Were Hella Adorable


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So, his name is Cameron and he is a beauty.

As is Hailee.

Thus, Cameron + Hailee = Perfection

It is non-negotiable.

2. When he was sneakily in the background.

Instagram: @haileesteinfeld

He's the hottie in the backwards hat.

3. When he referred to her as smudge and you died a little.

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

5. When he was "V Thankful ❤️."

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

We are too Cameron, we are too.

6. When they dominated the selfie game.

Instagram: @haileesteinfeld

8. When he hopped on a plane to support her at Jingle Ball.

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

9. When they chilled at the Iowa State Fair.

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

11. When he looked at her with all that love.

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

C'mon now. This boy is adorable.

12. When they didn't have to get fancy to have fun.

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

Just a simple polaroid house party.

13. Lastly, when everything about the two of them was GOALS.

Instagram: @cameronsmoller

You're welcome for giving you a new couple to love in 2017.

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