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13 Things Only People Who Like To Have A Moderate Amount Of Fun Understand

YEAH! Kind of.

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1. You're down for pretty much anything as long as you have Purell, bandaids, and emergency medications. / Via

The world is a dirty place.

2. You're in charge of directions. / Via

You're like a modern day Magellan with your maps app.

3. You're in charge of planning trips.


Intense calculations occur.

4. You enjoy a schedule.

5. You don't enjoy dangerously spontaneous activities.

6. You do, however, enjoy activities like bowling or laser tag.


Because if you've learned anything from Leslie Knope, it's how to be moderately fun.

7. You like to have an ETA of when everything is going to end.

8. You are the stereotypical Netflix binge watcher.

9. However, if your favorite musician or comedian is coming to town, you'll be the first person to get tickets. / Via

Please make note that these events only occur a few times a year.

10. Ten points for Gryffindor if there is a dog at the party you're attending.

11. Maybe you'll have a drink if you're feeling crazy.


But you probably won't.

12. You've never understood how people "lose track of time."

13. Lastly, your friends usually have to coerce you out, but once you leave, you actually have a ton of fun.

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