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13 Things All College Students Learn To Appreciate

Sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

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1. A home cooked meal


Food from home > Dining hall

2. Your shower back home


Because there you are free to sing as loudly and as out of tune as you so please.

3. Anything that is free


Oh, this little thing that is just going to take up space is free? Okay, I'll bring it back to my dorm.

4. Planned activities


TBH, it's hard figuring out your own fun.

5. Not waiting in line for a shower at school.

6. Clean toilets


Because nothing is worse than having to go and being too grossed out to.

7. Your own bed


NOTHING is better than your own bed.

8. Your siblings you once thought were hella annoying

9. Your adorable pet


Ah Rufus, I miss you.

10. Good toilet paper


I.e., not the 1/8 ply you've been using at school.

11. Real friendships


You're with these people all the damn time, so they better be special.

12. Your parents who also got on your nerves sometimes


High school with them was tough, but now you miss them more than ever.

13. Lastly, silence


It's a rarity in college.

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