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12 Tweets From Tyler Joseph Of Twenty-One Pilots That Prove He Knows What's Up


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1. When he really knew how to throw some shade

keep your friends close, and your enemies on the guest list.


2. When he spoke to the souls of all anxious and A-type personalities


3. When he realized you can do so much more with fruit than simply eat it

Hipster grape.

4. When his honesty was refreshing

just posting up some photographs that swell the notion that i'm sweet. see right through it, please.

5. When all you could say to this was "oh boy"

cool people call songs "joints" which is a little inappropriate to me because when i hear the word "joint" i think of an elbow or something.

Oh boy.

6. When he showed the world how ready he was to become a father


7. When he didn't make any sense at all but you were oddly okay with it

Okay? Okay.

8. When he opened up to the world

if you see me standing there doing nothing, i'm thinking about how much it would hurt and how i'd land if i stopped using all of my muscles.

Thank you, Tyler. Thank you for being strong enough to share.

9. When he didn't let fame get to his head

nothing more honoring than having a couple of your idols cover a song you wrote.

10. When family came first

my mom calling local radio stations to play her son's songs...

Mom goals.

11. When he wanted to keep his fans on their toes

if you think you know what's coming after hearing one song, nope knope noughp

12. When he just left this here

Thank you for enlightening our world, Tyler!

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