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12 Times Ralph Lauren Model Morgan O'Connor's Instagram Left You Gasping For Air


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Recently, my friend told me about this model who was supposed to be "really hot." I didn't really think too much of it until I actually saw him. But here he is:

Are you ready to see this face all over his Instagram? Probably not.

1. When his pattern game was hella strong

This outfit is all things perfect.

2. When his eyes brought you to a whole new world

3. When he was pals with Jiff

Let's be honest. We all want to be Jiff's friend.

4. When he rocked this classy bowtie

5. When he was chillin on a plane

6. When he was taking in everything around him

7. When he sang a little poolside diddy


8. When he majestically looked down and had beautifully glistening water in the background and looked perfect in every single way

9. When he looked serious but sweet

10. When he looked like he was ready to conquer nature

11. When he looked like he was ready for a ball

12. When he was casual by the sea

That's right. Take it all in. You just saw many beautiful photos of him:

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