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12 Times Josh Peck Just Got It

He's a smart, smart man.

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1. When he was safety conscious

I call this look, BIRTH CONTROL. #mandals #iliketoparty

2. When he had great business ideas

When's Lucky Charms gonna realize that we're just in it for the Marshmallows?

3. When he understood the world's continuing obsession with The Titanic

TITANIC 4 EVER #leo #kate #coldasswater #sequel?

4. When he understood the true struggles of portion control

Still working my way through last years Halloween candy

5. When he understood the need to stick up for family

Can't believe how mean @MeekMill is being to my Brother.

6. When he too despised salad

I like Salad because you know around the corner is a crouton.

7. When he was embarrassed about his past

#neverforget no matter how hard you try

8. When he didn't want to waste any time with nonsense

Milk and Cookies? Cool. Cookies and Cookies? Better.

9. When he knew what a good deal was

It's hard to enjoy a two entree plate when you know you could've had a three entree plate for 99 cents more.

10. When he too had a deep passion for all things fried

Whoever decided to fry chicken deserves a freakin Nobel Prize

11. When he knew what was good for him but chose what he actually wanted

Healthy food tastes awesome unless you've ever had Macaroni and Cheese.

12. When he just understood life

I like Pizza with a side of more Pizza

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