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12 Important Lessons Ross Geller Taught Us About Staying At Hotels

This wasn't his first time staying at a hotel

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1. First, you have to get yourself pumped up for your stay


How do you do that? MAPLE CANDIES.

2. You have to be polite to the staff


"Check again, please!"

3. You shouldn't steal

Olivia Gaynor / Via

"For example: hair dryer, no, no, no."

4. You have to think creatively

5. You have to enjoy the little things


Even the tiniest grain.

6. You should still try to eat healthily even though you're on vacation

Olivia Gaynor / Via

7. You want to "forget" everything at home

Olivia Gaynor / Via

"Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, mouthwash..."

8. You want to be able to let loose

Olivia Gaynor / Via

"Uhh! I feel so alive! I love being in the country!"

9. You have to pack carefully because you don't want to spill

10. You also want to pack carefully because, again, you don't want to spill


You don't want to pull a Ross.

11. The maid's cart is your little buddy

Olivia Gaynor / Via

12. Always, ALWAYS celebrate your trip with maple candies

Olivia Gaynor / Via

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