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11 Vines That Are Too Real If You've Ever Been To School

"SCHOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER"-The best words to ever be spoken

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1. We all had that teacher who compared their classes to each other.

"First period would not do this to me!"

2. We all had that teacher who decided that every rule needed to be followed and there were NO exceptions.

3. We all have struggled with balancing fun and homework.

4. We all had that kid who could not be any less enthused to be reading the morning announcements.

Yay for mornings...

5. We all had that teacher who had a steel trap for a memory.

6. We all had that one year in elementary school when we got to play the recorder.

Mom and Dad,

I am so sorry I put you through this.

7. We all had that teacher who believed their voice was more powerful than the clock or bell.

8. We all knew, or was that kid, who hated speaking in front of the class.

9. We all had that teacher who believed that bribery was the answer.

Tbh, it usually worked out pretty well.

10. We all had that day when we didn't really want to go to school.

Why go to school when you could watch Gilmore Girls or Full House?

11. Lastly, we all had that teacher who was a stickler for grammar.

Teacher: "I don't know class, can he?"

You: 😒

Thanks, School! We know you mean well.

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