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11 Reasons Tregaye Fraser Rightfully Received The Title Of Next Food Network Star

The queen always keeps it on fleek.

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1. Because she makes hella elegant dishes.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

2. Because every single time she cooked on Next Food Network Star she did it for her family.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

3. Because she knows how to elevate the classics.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

Do you know what this beautiful dish is? Shrimp & Grits. Yeah...

4. Because she works well with others.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

You want to know that you're watching a kind person.

5. Because good chefs should know amazing food when they see it.

Instagram: @cheftregaye


6. Okay, so this isn't even a reason. Her son is just the cutest human on the planet.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

But her family totally supports her in all of her career endeavors.

7. Because everything she makes is on fleek.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

And it's poppin'!

8. Because she believes that kids should know how to function in the kitchen.

9. Because she's innovative.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

Purple sweet potato cake? Hell yes.

10. Because she is just so extremely genuine.

Instagram: @cheftregaye

11. Lastly, because she is chock-full of star power.

Instagram: @cheftregaye


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