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    10 Questions People Who Hate Pumpkin Spice Are Sick Of Hearing


    1. "Are you insane?"

    The CW / Via


    2. "Do you hate fall and all of the joy that comes with it?"

    Jive Records / Via

    Fall and pumpkin spice aren't one and the same.

    3. "Is it because you're allergic to pumpkin spice? That must be the ONLY reason."

    Marvel / Via

    4. "You must have never had it before, right? Just give it a try."

    Bravo / Via

    Please stop.

    5. "Did something traumatic cause your dislike for pumpkin spice?"

    NBC / Via

    6. "Do you hate all things joyful in general?"

    NBC / Via

    You know, now that you mention it, yes.

    7. "Maybe if you try it again, you'll like it?"

    NBC / Via

    I don't need to try something ten times to know I don't like it.

    8. "Have you never been to a Starbucks before?"

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Can you go to Starbucks and NOT get a pumpkin spice latte? YES.

    9. "Do you know even what it tastes like?"


    10. And, "Do you hate being happy?"

    Walt Disney Pictures


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