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The Redline Report | "Keeping Up The Pace In A World On Wheels"

The Redline Report is an automotive news beat with a special emphasis on topics within the world of cars, and the most crucial aspect of this world–what keeps the cars rolling off the assembly lines– is the people who dream them into reality. This column will include feature stories on racecar drivers, automotive business owners and local car enthusiasts, as well as how-to guides and a place for fellow enthusiasts to share their passion.

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1. Interviews

There are many intriguing figures within the automotive industry. From racecar drivers and car enthusiasts to engineers and designers, everyone has a story about why they wanted to dedicate their life to the industry. The Redline Report will delve deep into the intertwinings of the automotive and racing industry to the people who give it life.

2. Reviews

Other aspects of the automotive world that will be discussed in The Redline Report include the cars themselves. From the rippling demon that can hug the curves of the Tail of the Dragon to the mouse-quiet electric car that's rewiring the way cars are seen, everything is between the lines.

3. How-To Guides

When it comes to basic car care, people aren't always aware of how to properly clean and maintain their car. In The Redline Report will introduce efficient methods and how-to lessons pertaining to car care and even car handling I.E. how to drive a manual.

4. Latest Updates in the Automotive Industry

A lot goes down in the automotive industry, especially with the development of autonomous driving in the works. The Redline Report will feature posts that cover the latest and greatest news circulating throughout the industry to keep the followers intrigued and informed.

5. Fellowship of Enthusiasts

The main intention of The Redline Report is to celebrate the camaraderie of car enthusiasts by bringing other gearheads together. This beat will focus on the technical aspects of the automotive industry, but it will also focus on the shared passions of people who love cars and what that really entails: an everlasting bond.

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