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The Redline Report: Honda Civic Receives A Manual Transmission For 2017

Despite the great effort to expel the manufacturing of vehicles with manual transmissions in today's industry, Honda is pushing against that movement by keeping the manual transmission active in their models. By 2017, every trim level of the Civic with the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine will offer the option of a manual transmission.

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Honda intends this epic redesign to be part of a staggered rollout of different

versions, knowing that a majority of people prefer automatics. Curtis Nakamura,

Honda's product planning manager for cars, estimates that the demand for manuals at 10 percent of total Civic sales will come equipped with manual transmissions, calculating out to between 30,000 and 35,0000 new Civic models.

The Appeal

The continual manufacturing of cars with a manual transmission is crucial to the

survival of this form of driving that has proven to enhance gas mileage, to be less

costly to maintain than a car with an automatic transmission, and to add the appeal of control and stimulation by being truly engaged in the act of driving.

The Power / Via

The manual transmission that will be placed within the turbocharged Civic

models has an indistinguishable design from that of the 2.0-liter models. The only

minor changes include a different flywheel and different gear ratios.

The Excitment

This exciting venture is a highly anticipated move by Honda that will please car

enthusiasts around the world. Many automotive enthusiasts value the act of grabbing gears with their own hands, rather than letting technology have all the fun itself. This move by Honda is sure to attract buyers from all corners of the world.

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