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What Kind Of App Dater Are You Talking To?

Single and looking to mingle? Whether you prefer Bumble, Hinge, Happn, OkCupid, Tinder, The League, Coffee Meets Bagel, or a new one the kids came up with overnight, there are tons of potential matches to swipe through on dating apps. But app daters come in all shapes, sizes and flakiness levels. Find out which type you're talking to with this swipe-savvy quiz.

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  1. How Many Pictures Does the Person Have?

  2. Describe The Person's Bio

    Basic Overview (height, job, interests)
    No bio
    Link to Instagram
    Thorough List of Interests
    Emojis or One Line
  3. Who Messaged First?

  4. How Quickly Does The Other Person Reply?

  5. How Frequently Do You Two Talk?

    Constantly throughout the day
    A couple check-ins during the day
    Once a day
    Once every couple days or less
    Just to make plans to meet in person
  6. What Do You Talk About the Most?

  7. How Long Have You Two Been Talking?

    Just Matched
    One or Two Days
    Two or Three Days
    One Week
    Two Weeks +
  8. Have You Talked About Meeting Up?

    Yes, Right Away But Didn't Pick A Day
    Yes, We Have Plans To Meet This Week
    Yes, We Have Tentative Plans Soon
    Yes, But We Haven't Talked About When
    Not Yet
  9. Do You Have Any Mutual Friends In Common?

  10. Have You Seen The Person On An App Other Than The One You're Talking On?

What Kind Of App Dater Are You Talking To?

You got: The Flake

At first glance, The Flake seems like he or she actually wants to meet up. The Flake is responsive, just not overly so, and may even make plans to meet up. However, The Flake will always find a way to back out. For some reason [unknown to you, and not worth trying to figure out] this person isn't really looking to meet you in person. If you find that you're the one reaching out more often than not and plans aren't materializing, take the hint and move on. But fear not, just go back to the drawing board. You'll swipe your way to someone who wants to meet IRL in no time!

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You got: The Ghost

The Ghost will chat as though he/she is interested in getting to know you, but will disappear into app abyss before concrete plans can be made. The Ghost may ask for your number, but probably won't text you when it comes down to it. You can tell you're talking to The Ghost if you've been chatting for an extended period of time without any reference to meeting up in person, or POOF suddenly he or she disappeared from your conversation. But don't be discouraged, it's the nature of the app world. Keep on swiping, there are plenty of people who DO want to meet up out there.

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You got: The Eager Beaver

The Eager Beaver has the best of intentions, but is just on the cusp of trying too hard to get your attention. The Eager Beaver will ask for your social media handles right away, and ask you tons of questions while remaining in the app/texting realm. The Eager Beaver can often can get attached to the idea of someone before even meeting. To try and break this social media mold, suggest meeting up in person so the two of you can decide for yourselves if you're a match based on human interaction.

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You got: The Worth a Shot

Perhaps the most even keeled of all the app daters, The Worth a Shot is neither too aloof or over-interested. The Worth a Shot will chat with you briefly to get an idea if you have anything in common but will initiate meeting up in person relatively early in the conversation. If you have conflicting schedules, The Worth a Shot will follow up with you to try and re-schedule again. Although no promises can be made that this person is your soulmate, he/she is looking forward to meeting in person.

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You got: The One & Done

The One & Done may or may not be up front about the fact that he or she is looking specifically to hook up. The One & Done will want to meet right away, since his or her interest is solely based on physical attraction. He or she will keep conversations at surface level since they're not looking for anything long term. If you're on the same page, then go for it, otherwise back to the screen for swiping, there are other fish in the app sea.

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