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21 Signs You Grew Up In An Italian Family

With lots of food pics to make you hungry.

1. You ate pasta at least three times a week.

2. Your grandparents were "nonna" and "nonno."

3. Family meals looked like this.

Like this.

And this.

4. You were taller than your nonna by age 8.

5. Everyone talks with their hands.

6. When speaking, there are two volumes.

7. Pride is an understatement.

8. You have lots of "Italia" merch.

9. Just a normal Italian barbecue.

10. Your dad looks like this.

11. Your dad SHOULD have worn this.

12. This was a typical Sunday.

13. You are horrified by this representation of Italians.

14. This was against your religion.

And this.

Especially this.

15. You were taught to cook at a young age.

16. And became a wine connoisseur before you could walk.

17. You endured this as a child.

18. Everyone held hands and danced in a circle at weddings.

19. At least one family member owned a business.

20. Your family could populate a small country.

21. And most importantly: