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    8 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Your Cravings

    When all you want is to drink from a fountain of melted chocolate and french fries, here are some healthy alternatives that don't taste like cardboard.

    So you've been working really hard!

    Hitting the gym, and even smiling for a photo op.

    Eating right!

    Eating more vegetables and being conscious about portions.

    But you're craving this wickedness.

    Mouth watering.

    Or this artery clogging extravaganza.

    Don't despair!

    You don't have to fall off the healthy wagon!

    Here are some snacks to satisfy your cravings that are won't ruin all of your hard work!

    Craving salt?

    Black and green olives are low in calories, have healthy fats, and are SALTY!

    Another salty snack?

    Mixed nuts. In moderation, (a handful of) nuts are high in protein, healthy fats, and are SALTY!

    Craving sweets?!

    Fruit is nature's candy! Have some pineapple!

    Sweet and cold?!

    Another satisfying option? Cube some mango and throw it in the freezer when you are craving something ice creamy. (Yes, I made this word up)

    Something even more ice creamy?

    Smoothies are a gift to the world. Blend some frozen fruit and veggies with some almond milk and a little honey to create a yummy, healthy shake.

    Craving chocolate?!

    Guess what! You can have chocolate! One to two pieces of dark chocolate that has 70% or higher cacao.

    Just clear your palette with some water after.

    So you aren't tempted to have 17 pieces.

    Craving something crunchy and creamy?

    Cucumbers and hummus! Excellent.

    Sweet, crunchy, creamy, and a little salty?!

    Yes, this combo is possible. Apple slices (golden delicious) with some almond butter is the way to go.

    See! So many great options!

    You don't even want this anymore!

    OK, maybe a little.