22 Thoughts You Have As A Self Care First Timer

    Am I relaxed enough yet?

    1. How do you find out your skin type?

    2. What if this face mask permanently dyes my skin?

    3. Do these cucumbers actually work?

    4. This £17.99 facial spritz promised to help me find my “zen” but I'm pretty certain it's just water.

    5. How long is too long to stay in the bath?

    6. This is like sitting in a bath full of sand, surely bath salts aren't meant to feel like this?

    7. I know I’m supposed to be taking some time off my phone but...

    8. ...But this flat lay of my bath bomb will look so good on Insta.

    9. Am I really meditating if every time I close my eyes all I can think about is dinner?

    10. Does ordering a Dominos count as an act of self-care?

    11. What about having a bottle of wine?

    12. Eating this whole box of chocolates?

    13. Maybe self-care is finally allowing myself to buy a puppy.

    14. So apparently there are different ways I should be…breathing?

    15. If self-care means saying no, why is it so hard to do it?

    16. Maybe I should get one of those adult colouring books.

    17. True crime podcasts count if I listen to them next to a scented candle, right?

    18. Hang on, you’re telling me a gong bath has absolutely nothing to do with an actual bath?

    19. Seriously, can some people really touch their toes?

    20. Why *do* they call it a downward dog?

    21. Am I beginning to feel more positive?

    22. Now I get why everyone loves this self-care thing.