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    21 Questions That Need To Be Answered About Canberra Immediately

    As a local Canberra gal living and breathing that good life in the nation's capital for nearly 30 years, I've got the answers to all your questions.

    1. Why is a giant slide your main tourist attraction?

    Drop into #Questacon this weekend and explore the action packed exhibition #Excite@Q - are you game to free fall?

    Twitter: @questacon

    If you don’t know what giant slide we are talking about, you’ve clearly never been or heard of Questacon.

    2. Do you really have the best coffee?

    3. Did you really pay for a statue that looks like a penis?

    4. Is Canberra really in the middle of the beach and snow?

    5. What’s the weather like?

    6. Why is everything so spread out?

    7. Why are there so many roundabouts?

    8. Do you have traffic?

    9. Is everyone a public servant?

    10. Is Queanbeyan part of Canberra?

    FOX / Via

    Short answer, no — they are considered NSW, but we like to think of them like our friendly neighbour, Ned Flanders.

    11. Does anyone in Canberra go to Summernats?

    12. Why did you build a lake in the middle?

    13. Can you even swim in it?

    A horse swimming in Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, with the National Carillon in the background. Photo from 1983. NAA: A6135, K19/1/83/4

    Twitter: @naagovau

    If you are brave enough. It’s recommended you check out the water quality online before diving in headfirst. Maybe consider crossing the lake another way, like in a boat.

    14. Are there really tunnels under the lake?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Rumour has it there are tunnels from Parliament House, but I will leave that mystery between Bruce Wayne and Sco-Mo.       

    15. What’s the south vs. north side?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    The giant lake in the middle separates the north and south side of Canberra. This battle dates right back to the beginning, the true origins are undetermined, but if you do live here you end up picking a side.    

    16. Is Canberra really haunted?

    17. What is Mooseheads?

    18. Is Canberra just full of hot air?

    19. Is there actually anything to do in Canberra?

    20. Who is Ken Behren?

    Twitter: @arwon

    We will now be referred to as Ken Behrens, not Canberrans. An innocent typo in a press conference had the people of Canberra rebranded — and just like the artist formerly known as Prince, we are keeping it.

    21. And finally, why would I want to live in Canberra?

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