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Interesting Facts About EventChain

Keep reading to know more about the kind of services EventChain company offers.

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Imagine living in a world where global access to money is available to everyone at any time! Transactions are moving fast across the globe through a very fast, secure, and decentralized medium. Cryptocurrency was invented to take care of this challenges. With cryptocurrencies, you can securely make payments and store money without any need for your name or visiting the bank. There are four known cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, but the most commonly traded is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency currently accepted mostly for payments of purchases.

Many problems faced by many event managers; like sports, concert, social clubs and ticket purchasers in the buying and selling of tickets for events have been addressed by “Eventchain.” Eventchain is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that powers a unique smart contract ticketing system (SmartTickects).

Eventchain with its Eventcoins encourages everyone including all stakeholder of various events to purchase and sell SmartTickets using EventCoin. EventCoin makes event ticket selling and buying easy, accessible, and more accountable for event managers. Event managers have rated EventChain for solving problems related to event ticket sales.

EventChain have so many interesting features such as EventChain Oracle, data analysis, forwarding contracts, and SmartTicket digital collection. All these features help you create Events anywhere, set ticket condition for the events, control resale of tickets, and make the Tickets quickly and easily accessible. This SmartTicket service is a transparent and fair because blockchain displays the total tickets available, the number of sold and unsold tickets remaining.

EventChain is the best ticketing issuer that incorporates all features in its mobile app. With the mobile and desktop app, you can build and grow your digital ticket wall and share event memories with family and friends. This makes EventChain to be the best in SmartTicketing.

EventChain interface is user-friendly and very easy to use. Anyone with little knowledge of mobile app can use the mobile app. With EventChain, event managers can control the pricing of tickets on the primary and secondary market. EventChain SmartTickets are distributed on a large number of websites through a plugin and disperse traffic away from a centralized server to avoid potential crash thereby allowing more people to buy tickets simultaneously.

I assure you with EventChain, that event you are planning will be well managed and planned. Issues relating to event ticket sales will be solved by using advanced functionality. EventChain provides holders of EventCoins with so many benefits like early bird tickets before seating.

EventChain is one-stop for event planners. This is the best event ticketing app that event managers can trust. It is reliable, accountable, secured. With its 256-bit cryptography, protection from malicious attacks and fraud against the EventChain network is assured.

I bet you will love to deal with a secured SmartTicket network; EventChain is the best that can be recommended by any expert. You can always subscribe to their regular newsletter updates on their website to stay informed.

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