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    • olives1945

      Great list!!!! So let me see, I can track my period, go discount shopping, lux shopping, get groceries at my fingertips then cook a fancy meal, and while I’m waiting for that casserole to bake, I’ll colour my nails, colour my hair, then I’ll do some Burpies to keep that darn weight off, then I’ll find out when my period will be and make sure I know where the nearest toilet is so I can change my tampons without mess or fuss, go coupon shopping for designer brands, make sure I take my pill so I get my period so I will understand why I have moody face, then I’ll go shopping again, then colour photos of my nails, my hair, shopping, meal, fit body, period moody face and my shopping!!!! Yay!!! This is SO COOL!! I think you guys missed an App - ‘How to make men like me’!! So cool to see what Apps a 1950’s housewife would have used - thanks!

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