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    • oliverr4

      Logic: when someone disagrees with you, call them names and explain that they are stupid rather than actually responding to their arguments. Logic: ignoring the context of the comments (including McFarlane’s actual political track record)  Logic: looking at comedy and assuming that the comic actually means what he says rather than obvious subtext of the joke that actually makes it funny

    • oliverr4

      The other thing that most people miss is the second level of irony in many of McFarland’s and other comedians’ jokes. McFarland (and Southpark) and that type of humor obviously goes foracheap laugh, but alot of what makes it funny is that it serves asaobviously exaggerated parody of the attitudes that it imitates.
      Amisogynist joke can actually be feminist if it serves asaparody of the misogynist point of view. The boobs song is funny because it is on-its-face ridiculous and makes people uncomfortable, but also because it parodies the frat-boy mentality. One need only look at Seth McFarlane’s political track record to see that his humor does not facially match his humor.

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