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Which Nugget Are You?

admit it, you've always wanted to know which nugget is the best fit for you. You may not be our height, but you could be our type ;). Have fun, stay safe, and tbh I'm sorry for making this

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  1. Which one of these phrases have you most likely said?

    You know the saying: "a nugget worth a thousand words"

    "how would you feel if someone died on your floor right now?"
    "All my friends from home think I look like that dog"
    "Do you want some? They're really succulent right now"
    "Look how tall this man is compared to me"
    "I don't speak alcohol, I kind of just intake it"
    "I'm just stretching you guys"
    *sings 23 on repeat*
  2. If you could be eating anything right now what would it be?

    you are what you eat, but we're already nuggets

    A perfect white peach
    Fortune Cookies
    Goat cheese, almond, and cranberry dip from Crushed Red
  3. Ideal Summer Job?

    dress for the job you want, not the job you have...too bad I dress like trash everyday!!!

    Intern at a local doctor's office
    Camp counselor
    Guest writer for the Mindy Project
    Intern for the State Department
    Intern for AEO marketing department
    Singing professionally in Europe
  4. Favorite Pump Up Song

    You are the music in meeee

    Soulja Boy (Tell Em) by Soulja Boy
    Oh Where is My Hairbrush by Larry
    The Joker by Steve Miller Band
    The entire album ANTI by Rihanna
    Broccoli - D.R.A.M.
    Angel by Sarah McLaughlin
    the entire Pitch Perfect soundtrack
  5. Who do you wish was your dad?

    dad jokes not included

    Barack Obama
    My dad...
    Mr. Rogers
    Bill Nye
    Tim Allen from Home Improvement
    Guy Fieri
  6. Career Goals

    Minday Lahiri
    Mindy Kaling
    OT (no, that's not Overtime, Olive)
    Condolezza Rice
    Mad (wo)Men but like more wholesome
    Freud but better
  7. What show would you rather be watching

    You're almost done! Queue it up!

    Veggie Tales tbh
    Pitch Perfect
    any DCOM
    Arrested Development
    you think I have time for that? lol
  8. Okay, bye!

    bye, bitch
    haha byeeee
    *deep voice* peace!
    you can't escape me
    Oh, good day fine sir
    literally what are you

Which Nugget Are You?

You got: Alyson Yawitz

Are you always giggling? Reply snap!! You are fun loving and effervescent. There is never a dull moment with you. You're the nugget with the best dance moves and the biggest smile.

Alyson Yawitz
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You got: Olivia Prosser

So you agree? You think you're funny. Not only are you the funniest nugget in the Happy Meal, but you're the sleepiest too. Do you find yourself falling asleep in the middle of tasks? Has your roommate come home and thought you were awake because your phone was on in front of your face? You might ACTUALLY be Olivia then. Congratulations! You're probably the funniest member of your #girlsquad and you're definitely going to end up on SNL someday.

Olivia Prosser
young love
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You got: Bianca Oviedo

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretsky - Michael Scott If these are words you live by, you definitely got the right result. Chances are you love food, travel, and knowing the strangest facts around. Do you want to pretty much rule the world? Is most of your closet just chic pantsuits? Sounds about right. You're compassionate and intuitive and ~affable~ at all times. Now get back to studying because you're definitely procrastinating like 12 papers right now.

Bianca Oviedo
Olive with an R
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You got: Emma Harris

Honestly, you're probably humming to yourself right now. You are a musical genius with the impressive vocal skillz to boot. You might look like a puppy, but it like works for you (???). You're low key a genius and you have like a weirdly high amount of friends. You are both fun and ~flirty~ at all times.

Emma Harris
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You got: Emily Ripke

You have your shit together. Your friends may not see you for days on end, but the library sure does. You bring life to every situation and you take time to get to know people on a deeper level. You are an inspiration to many and a friend to all. You may want to be a doctor, but wherever you end up you'll for sure be helping someone because how could you not with your insane levels of compassion.

Emily Ripke
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You got: Alyssa Williams

Okay, low key you're the weirdest nugget. You secretly have the MOST energy in the 7-pack. Everyday is a gift when you're around. Your Acapella's rival Pitch Perfect which is a movie you also happen to know every word (and note) to. You are quiet but your humor is deadly. We bout to turn up now.

Alyssa Williams
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You got: Olive Overmoyer

Wow. No. There is no way you got this. Honestly, you are probably the most sarcastic friend in your group. You are the mom no one asked for, or expected but it kind of works sometime. You own the most unique costume pieces of the squad and are always trying to get people to wear a bucket hat with you. You are probably obsessed with both Guy Fieri and Tom Selleck. You are the weirdest mix of things and rarely make sense. You give about 0.5 shits and you have a weird major.

Olive Overmoyer
a dumpster off of Route 666
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