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Updated on Aug 5, 2020. Posted on Aug 1, 2020

Which "Umbrella Academy" Member Are You Based On A Few Simple Questions?

It's not hard.

What's your favorite color?
What word best describes you?
Which of these would be your ideal home?
What's your favorite food?
Which animal are you most like?
Which character would you choose as a partner in the apocalypse?
  • Raymond Chestnut is holding a book in his hand and looking forward
    Raymond Chestnut
  • Grace is wearing bold lipstick and pearls, while standing in a dark room
  • Sir Reginald Hargreeves is wearing a suit and glasses, while looking ahead
    Sir Reginald Hargreeves
  • Hazel is standing outside a forest, and is in the middle of a conversation
  • Pogo is wearing tiny eyeglasses and wearing a suit
  • Ben is wearing a hoodie and leather jacket, with a smirk on his face
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