21 Times Game Of Thrones Broke My Heart In One Episode

The Rains of Castamere broke my heart. Many times. It slapped, stomped, and kicked it until it was broken and emotionally unavailable. Here is a list of the reasons why. *Beware spoilers*

1. The opening credits.

Even though I knew what the Red Wedding was, and that it was supposed to happen in Sunday’s episode, seeing The Twins in the opening credits was the first of many times GoT took a stab at my heart.

2. When Jorah gave this look.

And Daario touched Khaleesi’s hand. Jorah friendzoned once again.

3. When Gilly told Sam that he was a like a wizard.

And he batted his eyelashes and gave a shy smile. SHIPPING THIS!

4. When Arya hit that hog farmer with a piece of wood.

So grown up. So fierce. Yet still hits like a girl. I’m ok with that.

5. When Jon hit the rock with his sword to alert the horses and give the poor old man a chance to escape.

Once a Crow, always a Crow. Jon Snow, you once again made my heart melt.

6. When Arya was looking at The Twins, oh so longingly.

Seriously though, how good of an actress is Maisie Williams?

7. When Hodor wouldn’t stop Hodoring.

“Hush, Hodor. No no more Hodoring”. Whoever writes the scripts is a genius.

8. When Bran saw Jon through Summer’s eyes.

This was so awesome! Wish warging was a real thing.

9. Ygritte’s look when she realized Jon had left her behind.

She thinks he abandoned her, but he did it for her own protection. Right? RIGHT?!

10. When Edmure and the attractive Frey girl first saw each other.

Again, this made my heart melt a little bit. Yes, I definitely have the soft heart of a woman.

11. Bran and Rickon’s goodbye.

Why must all the Starks ALWAYS be apart? Seriously. Not okay.

12. Once again, Jorah’s look.

Anybody else feel completely horrible for this guy? He is the king of friendzone. Sorry Jorah.

13. When Catelyn talked about Ned.

14. When Talisa told Robb they’d call their son Ned, and then shared their last kiss.

15. When Rains of Castamere started to play…

… and I knew shit was about to go down. So did Catelyn.

16. This scene.


17. When more people got slaughtered.

18. When Arya heard some men talk about Winterfell and then watched them get killed.

Her face. I can’t even.

19. When Arya watched Grey Wind die.

I think in this moment she realized all was lost.

20. Robb’s saying “mother” right before he is stabbed.

21. Catelyn’s final moments.

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