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    • OldTired

      Ironically, Democrats vilified GW Bush, and yet he was able to manage to keep the Government working even after 9-11. Obama and Clinton, sold as brilliant political minds could not keep the US Government open for business, even with the massive amounts of spending.  I agree with Lily, hoping for some adults get the job done, instead of these horrid players. However there simply is no equating the ugly demeanor of Mr. Obama and his Party calling others as “arsonists”, “anarchists”, or even use language like “gun to the head”. This is supposed to be the PRESIDENT, he is supposed to lead all to a higher place - unify, solve, inspire, etc. Obama is a cheap partisan hack who is only taking people downward.

    • OldTired

      Mrs. Palin is a product of image/identity. The sound side needed a hero to promote. The Sideline Celebrities sort of forgot what real conservatism is about. It has basis. Sarah Palin ran as a populist as GOV in Alaska. She pushed populist tax increases on Oil Companies and actually created “climate panel” bureaucracy. She also embraced the Maverick Platform, one of the most appeasing jokes to the Democratic Party fashion in history, which included Cap and Trade taxation. Her self serving nature was apparent long prior to abandoning her Office to sell a celebrity (hardly a conservative effort to run away from a commitment). This was someone who actually told everyone her awful reality tv program wasn’t to be called a “reality tv program”. Sarah’s worst may have been her offering in the last GOP Primary: she waited to see what popular fashion would arise, tried to undermine the process by urging everyone to delay the inevitable outcome, and ended up supporting a life long Beltway Politician who savaged private sector accomplishment for petty gain in the primary and was exposed as being on the payroll of Fannie/Freddie. After the embarrassing bus tour, it actually looked like no one was acceptable if it wasn’t her - it was hubris gone astray. Many, like the EIB, looked entirely foolish promoting this fashionable identity/image game as the symbol for conservatism. They made another huge mistake.

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