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35 Vintage Cats At Sea

Cats and sailors go way back.

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Pilots on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier relax by playing with the ship's mascot, July 1944

"Shortly after this picture was taken they were flying far above the Atlantic on a battle-mission." Probably the USS Ranger. Source: U.S. Naval Institute.

French sailors with a kitten, Seattle, 1950

"French sailors play with a cat as they wait to take over six LSSLs (Landing Ship Support, Light) being given to France by the U.S. Navy under the defense aid pact." Source: U.S. Naval Institute.

Mascot "Saipan" of the USS New Mexico, ca. 1944

"The New Mexico provided support during the U.S. Marine invasion of Saipan in 1944, so it it likely the cat was rescued after the battle." Source: U.S. Naval Institute.

Crewman of the USS Texas pose with mascot dog and cat on the muzzle of one of the ship's guns, ca. 1900

"Built in 1892, The Texas was the first U.S. battleship and gained a reputation for being jinxed because of a series of accidents. The crew probably hoped the cat and dog would change the ship's luck." Source: U.S. Naval Institute.

"Pooli," who served aboard an attack transport during World War Two, 1959

"War Veteran 'Pooli', who rates three service ribbons and four battle stars, shows she can still get into her old uniform as she prepares to celebrate her 15th birthday." Source: U.S. Naval Institute.

Crew of the USS Nahant with their two cats, ca. 1898

"The Nahant was an ironclad monitor that joined the fleet of Rear Admiral Samual Francis du Pont (for whom Washington, DC's Dupont Circle in named) in the attack on Charleston Harbor in 1863." Source: U.S. Naval Institute.

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